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As his academic career comes to a close, Dan Idhenga is enthusiastically pursuing opportunities in the realms of business, finance, leadership, and entrepreneurship. With experience in establishing and maintaining a startup company, as well as serving as Vice President for an internationally-recognized non-profit organization, Dan is the most eager to share the principles he has learned along the way. To learn more about Dan Idhenga and his passion for business development and entrepreneurship, be sure to visit his website.

  • Why Curiosity Is an Essential Leadership Trait

    August 22, 2021 by

    Curiosity and the willingness to learn and grow are essential to any successful leader. After all, there are goals to constantly strive for, new innovations and materials to be studied, and information to be learned. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits to being curious as a leader. Here are just a few of those benefits.… Read more

  • The Importance Of Humility In Leadership

    August 21, 2021 by

    A leader’s strength can be measured in various ways and means, but what allows a leader to be successful can be challenging to calculate.  There are plenty of traits that successful leaders exhibit daily, whether it’s good communication or respectful critique.  When assessing the leadership qualities of those around you, whether to promote an individual… Read more

  • What Differentiates A Business Owner From An Entrepreneur

    July 27, 2021 by

    Entrepreneurship and business ownership are often conflated and mixed into being one thing.  Plenty of people associate the two because each role is part and parcel of creating a business.  While there may be many overlapping skillsets for entrepreneurs and business owners, there are also plenty of apparent and delineated differences between the two roles. … Read more

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