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Dan Idhenga is an adaptive and globally minded entrepreneur at heart. As a Principal at the King’s Alumni Angel Network and MSc Candidate at King’s College London, Dan helps to identify, support and invest in the startups with the most potential for positive global impact.
He has lived in ten countries and founded his first startup company as an undergraduate student in 2016. Since then, Dan graduated from Baruch College (City University of New York), where he studied finance, and successfully completed internships at J.P. Morgan, American International Group (AIG) and other firms.
Other notable experiences include being a founding member & Investor Relations Manager at healthtech startup, ConfirmD™, and an Operations Manager at a Namibian specialized distribution company, which included managing international supply chain dynamics, risk mitigation and product acquisition & distribution for 7+ years. Dan dedicates much of his time to making Namibia a better place to live in by collaborating with international benefactors in his role as a Vice President at the Bonny Vainö Idhenga Foundation (BVIF).

The Best Ways to Improve Your Network as an Entrepreneur

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