Show Your Team That You Value Them

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No one makes it to the top alone, you need help. That means you need team members, which means you need to show them that you care.

One of the biggest mistakes managers and CEOs make is overlooking the people in the trenches. Without your team, you’re nothing, and you need to show them you know that. What’s more, showing your team that you value them can be a great morale booster. People like to know that the work they do matters to people, not least to the people employing them. 

Show, Don’t (Just) Tell

It’s true of good writing, and it’s true of good leadership – show, don’t tell. Of course, this in and of itself is somewhat simplistic, as you sometimes need to outright tell the audience certain facts in writing, and it doesn’t hurt to explicitly tell your employees you value them.

But telling without showing is shallow. You need to back it up with action. That means you need to actually show your team you care, which in turn means knowing what you can do that would resonate with them.

All of this, in turn, points to the real key here – knowing your team well enough to know what they value that you can give to show how much you value them.

Doesn’t that mean caring about your team in the first place?

Team Rewards

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. Rewarding teams is a staple of corporate culture. Not only is it gratifying, but it tacitly rewards teamwork, which is always a good way to build a positive corporate culture.

Individual Rewards

For as great as team rewards are, however, it’s just as important to recognize the individuals that make up the greater whole. A huge part of showing people that you truly value them is by recognizing them as people, and not just employees. Take the time to interact with your employees on a personal level.

If you value the future of your company, you’ll want to make sure to show the people that make it happen you value them every day.

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Published by Dan Idhenga

Based in New York, Dan Idhenga is intrigued by the realms of business, entrepreneurship, and finance. Currently, he is studying to receive his Bachelor of Business Administration from Baruch College, City University of New York, from which he expects to graduate in June of 2020. With a concentration in finance, a minor in political science, and sweeping interests in global affairs and macroeconomics, Dan is looking forward to diving head-first into the workforce upon receiving his degree. Throughout his academic career, Dan Idhenga has been presented with incredible opportunities to undergo personal and professional growth, both through internships and other leadership activities made available to him through Baruch College. He has actively participated in the school’s chapter of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), 50Five Capital/Baruch Fund, and Delta Sigma Pi, the Professional Business Fraternity.

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