How to Remain a Good Leader From a Distance

One of the most essential aspects of being a leader is finding the balance between micromanaging and being too “hands-off.” You want to give your team the freedom they need to do their jobs, but you also want to make sure people stay on task.

So, how do you remain a good leader from a respectable distance? Here are a few tips for maintaining just enough space to provide that freedom without entirely letting go of the reins.

Structure and Guidance

Routines are essential in a workplace setting. In remote environments, which have become common with COVID-19, those routines help employees stay on task and continue striving toward their goals.

Checking in is fine. It lets you as the leader know where the team is while also letting them know that there still is some accountability and structure involved. Whether communicating remotely or in person, check in and see where the team is at. Make sure that everyone is working toward that shared common goal.

Listen to Employees

It is also important to gauge how employees are doing. Not just with their work, but how they are feeling in general. Not only does it let the team know that leadership is thinking of them, but it allows for help and guidance to be implemented.

By listening and helping employees, the team sees that leadership cares. When we know that those in charge care about us as people, it makes it all the easier to want to work hard for them.

Know Who Is Working on What

There is an important distinction between knowing what everyone is doing and micromanaging. By knowing where people are in a task and how they are doing, it allows the manager to be flexible. Those doing fine can be left at a respectable distance.

But those struggling can then use leadership as a helping hand. Finding that balance shows that you are willing to help out without being controlling or imposing.

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