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About Dan Idhenga

Hi! I’m Dan, my interests lie in entrepreneurship, macroeconomics, coding, humanitarian relief, brazilian jiu-jitsu and more!

Education: Baruch College, City University of New York

Employment: Palmera Investments, CC | Bonny Vaino Idhenga Foundaiton (BVIF)

Location: New York, NY

A bit about me….

To Dan Idhenga, leadership is an area of expertise that takes years — if not decades — to truly master. As such, he has dedicated much of his academic career to unpacking the intricacies of leadership, especially as it relates to business development, entrepreneurship, and finance. 

Located in New York, Dan is concluding his academic career at Baruch College, City University of New York, from which he will receive his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in finance, as well as a minor in political science. Having lived in nine countries himself, Dan Idhenga possesses a global mindset and sharp attention to detail that have, subsequently, earned him a number of unique opportunities to undergo remarkable personal and professional growth. 

Recently, Dan had the pleasure of joining a startup accelerator that taught him the ins and outs of bootstrapping and launching a company through hands-on experience. As a result, Dan launched In Case Audio, a musical equipment company designed to produce high-quality products that were packed with innovative and desirable features. By spearheading this project as its Cofounder & CEO, Dan Idhenga gained helpful experience in conducting primary market research through interviewing seasoned musicians, prototyping products, and gleaning insight into how to successfully develop a team. 

In conjunction with this experience, Dan has been entrusted with a number of leadership positions at Baruch College, including Chair of Fundraising for Delta Sigma Pi (Professional Business Fraternity) and Analyst for 50Five Capital/Baruch Fund. Dan Idhenga has held his position within Delta Sigma Pi for nearly two years, during which time he has collaborated with volunteers to create fundraising opportunities with local businesses, and surpassed fundraising goals by implementing recurring fundraising programs with upscale retailers and restaurants in Manhattan. 

Dan Idhenga also serves as the Vice President of the Bonny Vaino Idenga Foundation, a position he has held since 2014. In this capacity, Dan conceptualized and drafted the Hand-in-Hand for Africa and Namibian Literature Award, which encourages reading amongst children and teens, as well as the production of age-appropriate content from Namibian authors. Through this award, Dan and the foundation have created a consistent supply and demand that has made positive impacts on the people of Namibia. Dan also regularly collaborates with a number of German NGOs via meetings and conferences, as he is responsible for ensuring all donated goods acquired through the foundation are distributed amongst the underserved in Namibia. 

Looking back on these opportunities, Dan Idhenga is pleased with how far he has come in a professional sense. However, he is also acutely aware of the fact that leadership is not black and white; instead, it falls under a spectrum of shades of gray, as there are countless approaches to leading a passionate and successful team. As such, Dan continually seeks opportunities to expose himself to new leadership styles, and is always hopeful to forge new mentor-mentee relationships with experienced members of his field. 

This engaged mindset has earned Dan a stellar reputation not only within his department but at each of his internships as well. Looking ahead, Dan is eager to apply all of the principles he has learned to his professional career trajectory, no matter where it may lead. 

On this website, Dan Idhenga will share his perspective on leadership. Be sure to visit his blog page to learn more!

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