Strategies for Business Growth

It is fair to say that there are few principles that are more deeply embedded within the overarching ethos and ideology of business and capitalism than growth. The nature and consequences of growth-centric thinking have been much discussed over the centuries, but for our purposes, we care about one simple question – how can weContinue reading “Strategies for Business Growth”

Discovering Different Ways to Lead

It is no secret that different types of leaders have different leadership styles. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill formed one of the great national and personal alliances in world history as they led the US and the UK against the Axis Powers in World War II. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig led the NewContinue reading “Discovering Different Ways to Lead”

How to Leverage Your Strengths to Be Your Own Boss

Want to hear something funny about freelancing? While a lot of people make the switch to freelancing to “be their own boss” or “do their own thing,” the popular construct of “the ideal, successful freelancer” seems to consist of a conspicuously small cluster of traits. This kind of freelancer pounces on every opportunity, is aContinue reading “How to Leverage Your Strengths to Be Your Own Boss”

3 Ways Female Leaders Can Successfully Manage Multigenerational Teams

Written for EO by Lu Zhang, the founder and managing partner of Fusion Fund and a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Upper management has a gender problem. According to 2018 data from Pew Research Center, only 4.8 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, and less than a quarter of boardroom seats among Fortune 500Continue reading “3 Ways Female Leaders Can Successfully Manage Multigenerational Teams”

Develop Effective Communication at a Company

One of the most important factors in the success of any successful project, be it within the business world or without, is being able to communicate. Whether you are looking to facilitate communication between team members in the trenches, get managers to confer better with one another, stimulate discussion in the boardroom, or generate anContinue reading “Develop Effective Communication at a Company”

How to Stand Out in a Competitive Field

  We live in an age where individuality is both celebrated and suppressed. On the one hand, the tech and social media boom have (for better and for worse) made it easier than ever for people to share their opinions and their self with the world. Social media influencers are a hot commodity in theContinue reading “How to Stand Out in a Competitive Field”

7 Tips to Enjoy Debt Free Holidays This Year

How much money are you planning on spending this year during the holidays? For the average American family, it’s a good chunk of change. During the 2017 holiday season, Bank of America found that of those surveyed, they spent on average $1,143 for purchases. Another survey found that respondents spent over $600 on gifts forContinue reading “7 Tips to Enjoy Debt Free Holidays This Year”

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Your Dream Gap Year

Table of Contents  Why Students Should Consider a Gap Year How to Save for a Gap Year Money-Saving Tips During Your Gap Year Applying for College After a Gap Year Additional Resources  For many young adults, it can feel like there’s an expected life path that they’re supposed to follow. You do well in school,Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Taking Your Dream Gap Year”

Build a Better Tribe, Build a Better World

In August 2019, Kimberly Hickok Smith spoke at the MyEO Women of EO Summit in Bogota, Colombia. While sharing her professional journey—from tween entrepreneur to international executive—she also spoke to the audience of men and women about supporting each other and making a difference in the world.  I was the first elected president of EO and the first chairmanContinue reading “Build a Better Tribe, Build a Better World”

10 TED Talks on Minimalism to Inspire You to Spend Less

We’ve all heard the expression “less is more,” and the concept of minimalism embraces that fully. While it is not a new concept, the minimalism trend has gained popularity in recent years,  especially amongst Millennials in the United States. From tiny houses to the KonMari organization method, people are finding unique ways to declutter theirContinue reading “10 TED Talks on Minimalism to Inspire You to Spend Less”

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