Distinguishing Between Content Marketing and Product Marketing

One of the most important things to take into account when marketing your product is what type of marketing is called for in a given situation. After all, marketing is all about messaging, and you don’t want to send mixed messages or, worse, the wrong message. It is thus of utmost importance that you makeContinue reading “Distinguishing Between Content Marketing and Product Marketing”

How to Show Vulnerability as a Leader

One of the biggest mistakes leaders make, young and old, within business and outside, is that they all too often cover up their vulnerabilities and act as though they’re impervious to emotional pain. Not only is this obviously untrue, but it’s also a stance that can hurt your company in the long run. For oneContinue reading “How to Show Vulnerability as a Leader”

How Leaders Can Inspire Great Culture

In the book Disney War, an anecdote is recalled wherein then-CEO Michael Eisner says that it’s not the job of Disney to make statements, history, or art, but simply to make money, and that to do so, they may inadvertently contribute to culture in the process. However successful (and controversial) as Eisner’s tenure at Disney mayContinue reading “How Leaders Can Inspire Great Culture”

How to Actually Become an Effective Leader

Bonnie Tyler had it right – from time to time, we all need a hero. In the corporate world, that means becoming the kind of leader your company needs to take it to the top. You can have the best idea, the finest personnel on hand, and enough resources to make everything happen, but ifContinue reading “How to Actually Become an Effective Leader”

How Social Media Can Build Trust Between Businesses and Consumers

The bond of trust between a company and its customers is crucial. Like any high importance relationship, it takes time and regular maintenance to build. Today, social media is one of the main ways businesses are seeking to build trust between themselves and consumers – and here’s how. The Importance of Engaging E.M. Forster makesContinue reading “How Social Media Can Build Trust Between Businesses and Consumers”

B2B Content Marketing Strategy Best Practices

The world of B2B marketing has always been one of the more challenging to navigate. On the one hand, the consumer base to whom you are selling your products or services often has more income and capital to spend their money on than other types of clients. On the other hand, it can mean doingContinue reading “B2B Content Marketing Strategy Best Practices”

Strategies for Business Growth

It is fair to say that there are few principles that are more deeply embedded within the overarching ethos and ideology of business and capitalism than growth. The nature and consequences of growth-centric thinking have been much discussed over the centuries, but for our purposes, we care about one simple question – how can weContinue reading “Strategies for Business Growth”

Discovering Different Ways to Lead

It is no secret that different types of leaders have different leadership styles. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill formed one of the great national and personal alliances in world history as they led the US and the UK against the Axis Powers in World War II. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig led the NewContinue reading “Discovering Different Ways to Lead”

How to Leverage Your Strengths to Be Your Own Boss

Want to hear something funny about freelancing? While a lot of people make the switch to freelancing to “be their own boss” or “do their own thing,” the popular construct of “the ideal, successful freelancer” seems to consist of a conspicuously small cluster of traits. This kind of freelancer pounces on every opportunity, is aContinue reading “How to Leverage Your Strengths to Be Your Own Boss”

3 Ways Female Leaders Can Successfully Manage Multigenerational Teams

Written for EO by Lu Zhang, the founder and managing partner of Fusion Fund and a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Upper management has a gender problem. According to 2018 data from Pew Research Center, only 4.8 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, and less than a quarter of boardroom seats among Fortune 500Continue reading “3 Ways Female Leaders Can Successfully Manage Multigenerational Teams”

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