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Improving Business Performance Through the Employee Experience

Leaders need to work towards creating a positive workplace by making sure that the employees are happy in their job. Leaders need to consider the changes that have occurred as a result of COVID-19 so that they can make the necessary adjustments. Some employees have grown accustomed to working from home, and they may preferContinue reading “Improving Business Performance Through the Employee Experience”

What to Do When Your Best Employee Quits

One of the results of the pandemic is that people seem to be changing jobs more than they have in the past. The changes that have taken place in the world and in business in particular have led people to rethink what they want to do. Some people want to continue working from home, andContinue reading “What to Do When Your Best Employee Quits”

Eight Ways That Leaders Can Support Employee Mental Health

The uncertainty in the world today leads to a great deal of anxiety. People are worried about their jobs, education, family members, their health, and more, and it is still unclear what is going to happen next. This takes a toll on the mental health of many people, and it is important to support employeesContinue reading “Eight Ways That Leaders Can Support Employee Mental Health”

How to Lead with Purpose During Times of Change

When times are challenging, employees look to the leadership in their companies for direction. Companies that give direction and hold strong values are able to motivate their employees to work together and rally around the company during challenging times. Continue reading to learn how to lead with purpose during times of change. Communicate the PurposeContinue reading “How to Lead with Purpose During Times of Change”

Three Important Reasons to Gather Feedback During Disruptions

Disruptions are unpredictable, and it is hard to know exactly how long they will last or how it will turn out. Employees will be anxious to know what is going on and what to expect, and you need to find out what they need to work through it. Companies often cut down on unnecessary expenses,Continue reading “Three Important Reasons to Gather Feedback During Disruptions”

Improving Communication with Employees Regardless of Where They Work

Today’s hybrid work culture is a mixture of physical and virtual work. It’s not unusual for employees to be dispersed globally, working from home, public spaces, or temporary locations such as hotels. Mobile technology has made it easier for people to connect virtually. Tools such as video-conferencing systems and instant messaging applications make workplace communicationContinue reading “Improving Communication with Employees Regardless of Where They Work”

Benefits of Embracing Vulnerability as a Leader

When we think of leaders of the past, we think of these stoic, strong presences who feel that they should never be questioned. But flexibility and understanding are becoming calling cards of the modern leader. Simply put, we are all human beings. Knowing that the person in charge is just like the rest of usContinue reading “Benefits of Embracing Vulnerability as a Leader”

Why Curiosity Is an Essential Leadership Trait

Curiosity and the willingness to learn and grow are essential to any successful leader. After all, there are goals to constantly strive for, new innovations and materials to be studied, and information to be learned. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits to being curious as a leader. Here are just a few of those benefits.Continue reading “Why Curiosity Is an Essential Leadership Trait”

The Importance Of Humility In Leadership

A leader’s strength can be measured in various ways and means, but what allows a leader to be successful can be challenging to calculate.  There are plenty of traits that successful leaders exhibit daily, whether it’s good communication or respectful critique.  When assessing the leadership qualities of those around you, whether to promote an individualContinue reading “The Importance Of Humility In Leadership”

What Differentiates A Business Owner From An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and business ownership are often conflated and mixed into being one thing.  Plenty of people associate the two because each role is part and parcel of creating a business.  While there may be many overlapping skillsets for entrepreneurs and business owners, there are also plenty of apparent and delineated differences between the two roles. Continue reading “What Differentiates A Business Owner From An Entrepreneur”