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How to Remain Productive While Working From Home

Working from home can make for a more comfortable working environment, and a far more distracting one. These quick tips can make it easier to focus even at home. Add More Structure Into Your Routine Without the external structure of working in an office, maintaining a structured day on your own is more important thanContinue reading “How to Remain Productive While Working From Home”

The Role of Empathy in Leadership

Many business leaders neglect empathy because they perceive it as a soft skill. However, understanding how other people perceive the world allows leaders to improve their relationships with their teams and the public. Empathy Allows for Accurate Analysis Sometimes, leaders make decisions based on what they think other people should want instead of respecting theirContinue reading “The Role of Empathy in Leadership”

What Differentiates A Business Owner From An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and business ownership are often conflated and mixed into being one thing.  Plenty of people associate the two because each role is part and parcel of creating a business.  While there may be many overlapping skillsets for entrepreneurs and business owners, there are also plenty of apparent and delineated differences between the two roles. Continue reading “What Differentiates A Business Owner From An Entrepreneur”

How to Remain a Good Leader From a Distance

One of the most essential aspects of being a leader is finding the balance between micromanaging and being too “hands-off.” You want to give your team the freedom they need to do their jobs, but you also want to make sure people stay on task. So, how do you remain a good leader from aContinue reading “How to Remain a Good Leader From a Distance”

How to Plan for More Efficient Meetings

Many workers dread going to meetings. They believe that meetings interrupt their workflow and take away time that they could spend completing valuable tasks. However, meetings are necessary for most workplaces to ensure that people are on track to meet their goals. Here are some tips to make meetings more efficient. Have Clear Goals (andContinue reading “How to Plan for More Efficient Meetings”

How To Tell A Good Leader From A Bad One

A difficult skill to develop is the ability to determine good leadership from bad leadership.  While plenty of us have experienced both, it can be challenging to define either situation’s traits.  More often than not, we know whether we like leadership when we’re sharing it, yet lack the language or skills to describe what aContinue reading “How To Tell A Good Leader From A Bad One”

Why Curiosity Is an Essential Leadership Trait

Curiosity and the willingness to learn and grow are essential to any successful leader. After all, there are goals to constantly strive for, new innovations and materials to be studied, and information to be learned. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits to being curious as a leader. Here are just a few of those benefits.Continue reading “Why Curiosity Is an Essential Leadership Trait”

How Can Your Business Adapt in Times of Crisis?

The global pandemic has taught businesses the value of flexibility in times of crisis. Learning how to adapt will be valuable even after the pandemic is over. Use the Power of Technology to Your Advantage The pandemic has taught the world the importance of the Internet. Even when people could not leave their homes, theyContinue reading “How Can Your Business Adapt in Times of Crisis?”

Leaders Who Excelled In 2020

2020 proved to be a challenging year for many, whether it was personally or professionally.  Global recession, global pandemic, and general instability can leave many corporations, companies and institutions shaken and nervous about what the future holds.  Still, there were also plenty of groups that excelled in the pandemic and used the opportunity to grow,Continue reading “Leaders Who Excelled In 2020”

Why a Mission Statement Is Important for Business

Mission statements are short phrases that capture a company’s goals and values. A clear mission statement can improve work culture within a business and ultimately generate more revenue. Create a Distinct Identity Businesses with a clear mission statement set themselves apart from their competition. They may all be working in the same industry, but aContinue reading “Why a Mission Statement Is Important for Business”