How to Plan for More Efficient Meetings

Many workers dread going to meetings. They believe that meetings interrupt their workflow and take away time that they could spend completing valuable tasks. However, meetings are necessary for most workplaces to ensure that people are on track to meet their goals. Here are some tips to make meetings more efficient. Have Clear Goals (andContinue reading “How to Plan for More Efficient Meetings”

How Can Your Business Adapt in Times of Crisis?

The global pandemic has taught businesses the value of flexibility in times of crisis. Learning how to adapt will be valuable even after the pandemic is over. Use the Power of Technology to Your Advantage The pandemic has taught the world the importance of the Internet. Even when people could not leave their homes, theyContinue reading “How Can Your Business Adapt in Times of Crisis?”

Why a Mission Statement Is Important for Business

Mission statements are short phrases that capture a company’s goals and values. A clear mission statement can improve work culture within a business and ultimately generate more revenue. Create a Distinct Identity Businesses with a clear mission statement set themselves apart from their competition. They may all be working in the same industry, but aContinue reading “Why a Mission Statement Is Important for Business”

Business & Storytelling & You

Storytelling skills are an important thing for businesses to possess. If a business is good at storytelling, then they’ll have an easier time showcasing what they have to offer in a positive light. Read on to learn more about how impactful storytelling can be in the world of business. This could help you to buildContinue reading “Business & Storytelling & You”

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Business While Having a Job

If you’re stuck doing some black and white Dilbert-like office drudgery, it can be hard to imagine enjoying a life of color and enjoyment outside of that corporate monotony. Sure, you have your own idea for a business, but you’re sure that you’ll never be able to follow through on it. After all, when you’reContinue reading “The Pros and Cons of Starting a Business While Having a Job”

Why Better Business Bureau Reviews Still Matter

Once upon a time, the Better Business Bureau was a standard by which businesses were measured, and businesses knew it. They sought good reviews and knew how important it was to secure them. Today, SEO articles and evaluations rule the web. Even so, even in the SEO world, the BBB remains as vital for theContinue reading “Why Better Business Bureau Reviews Still Matter”

Actions for Business Success

If you have a dream to start a business, you might be wondering how you can make it a reality. You’ve read your fair share of self-help articles in this regard, but you are still uncertain as to what to do and how you can best realize your dreams. Starting a business is an activeContinue reading “Actions for Business Success”

Educational Content Is Good for Business

As the saying goes, Knowledge is Power – but for whom? In the business world, the answer is for both consumers and customers alike. On the consumer side of things, it can help them to have a clearer idea as to the products and services offered and whether or not they suit their needs. This,Continue reading “Educational Content Is Good for Business”

Prove the Value of Business Development

If you have ever found yourself in the position of having to sell a company on the concept of business development, chances are you have been asked one question in particular: “What is business development?” Part of the reason why this question can be hard to answer even for people who work in the industryContinue reading “Prove the Value of Business Development”

Distinguishing Between Content Marketing and Product Marketing

One of the most important things to take into account when marketing your product is what type of marketing is called for in a given situation. After all, marketing is all about messaging, and you don’t want to send mixed messages or, worse, the wrong message. It is thus of utmost importance that you makeContinue reading “Distinguishing Between Content Marketing and Product Marketing”

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