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The Six Stories That Great Leaders Tell

Great leaders have great stories to tell. They know how to tell stories that resonate with people and have meaning. There are stories about founding, vision, strategy, sales, and other topics in business. Continue reading to learn six of the stories that great leaders tell. The Story of Founding One story that great leaders tellContinue reading “The Six Stories That Great Leaders Tell”

How to Deliver What Your Company Needs Most From You

If you want to deliver what your company needs most from you, you need to know what their priorities are. It is important to build influence, and you need to spend time learning what you can do to improve your performance. Continue reading to learn how you can deliver best to your company. Evaluate YourContinue reading “How to Deliver What Your Company Needs Most From You”

Easy Ways to Ensure That Your Leadership Style Isn’t Offensive

As a leader, one of your tasks is giving feedback to employees. However, some people have trouble receiving feedback. You need to learn how to communicate in a way that helps to improve the performance and make the employee feel empowered to work towards mutual goals. Continue reading to learn some easy ways to ensureContinue reading “Easy Ways to Ensure That Your Leadership Style Isn’t Offensive”

Cultivating Leadership Presence in a Remote Work Environment

As the world has rapidly changed and people transitioned to remote working, leaders were challenged to find new ways to be present. People need to see leadership so that they feel connected and know what is expected of them. It makes people feel more confident. Continue reading to learn how to cultivate leadership presence inContinue reading “Cultivating Leadership Presence in a Remote Work Environment”

Eight Ways That Leaders Can Support Employee Mental Health

The uncertainty in the world today leads to a great deal of anxiety. People are worried about their jobs, education, family members, their health, and more, and it is still unclear what is going to happen next. This takes a toll on the mental health of many people, and it is important to support employeesContinue reading “Eight Ways That Leaders Can Support Employee Mental Health”

How to Lead with Purpose During Times of Change

When times are challenging, employees look to the leadership in their companies for direction. Companies that give direction and hold strong values are able to motivate their employees to work together and rally around the company during challenging times. Continue reading to learn how to lead with purpose during times of change. Communicate the PurposeContinue reading “How to Lead with Purpose During Times of Change”

Benefits of Embracing Vulnerability as a Leader

When we think of leaders of the past, we think of these stoic, strong presences who feel that they should never be questioned. But flexibility and understanding are becoming calling cards of the modern leader. Simply put, we are all human beings. Knowing that the person in charge is just like the rest of usContinue reading “Benefits of Embracing Vulnerability as a Leader”

Why Curiosity Is an Essential Leadership Trait

Curiosity and the willingness to learn and grow are essential to any successful leader. After all, there are goals to constantly strive for, new innovations and materials to be studied, and information to be learned. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits to being curious as a leader. Here are just a few of those benefits.Continue reading “Why Curiosity Is an Essential Leadership Trait”

The Role of Empathy in Leadership

Many business leaders neglect empathy because they perceive it as a soft skill. However, understanding how other people perceive the world allows leaders to improve their relationships with their teams and the public. Empathy Allows for Accurate Analysis Sometimes, leaders make decisions based on what they think other people should want instead of respecting theirContinue reading “The Role of Empathy in Leadership”

What Differentiates A Business Owner From An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and business ownership are often conflated and mixed into being one thing.  Plenty of people associate the two because each role is part and parcel of creating a business.  While there may be many overlapping skillsets for entrepreneurs and business owners, there are also plenty of apparent and delineated differences between the two roles. Continue reading “What Differentiates A Business Owner From An Entrepreneur”